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Back in business

Next Tuesday I will be back to college, and will be starting a whole new year of composing, writing and producing. I have recently acquired the inspiration to produce more, and with the discovery of sites such as Game Dev Marketplace, I am enthusiastic towards making resources to sell on those such sites. I had never really considered having my work on a market place for others to buy, I more considered it a thing that I would create while working with a dev team.

I purchased a copy of Computer Music Magazine last week, and lo-and-behold, the cover story is “Make Music for Games!”. With the purchase of that and this month’s Edge, I have found much inspiration towards the gaming industry and it’s development. 

As for college, one of my modules consists of “Music for Multimedia” which is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. So that sounds wicked cool. The other thing I’m chuffed about is that this year, I will be required to write an dissertation. Now I realise that might be a tad bewildering to some, but the thing is I love writing about music and games, so to get the chance to write a whole 10,000 word essay on the two sounds incredible. My dissertation probably wont be directly about video game music, but more about how music affects emotions, and is manipulated in media to create a given affect. I’m a huge fan of psychology, including the psychology of video games, so linking it all together will be fantastic. 

Overall, I am super excited about this next academic year and the benefits I will reap from my hard work. I may even get to publishing my dissertation online if there is enough interest. Anyway, it is 2Am and DEFINITELY bed time.


#MusicMonday is upon us! This week is another of my biggest influences, Noriyuki Iwadare. He is most acclaimed for composing the Grandia Series. 

Grandia is my favourite game of all time, so naturally the music has a special place in my heart. The epic themes, heart wrenching melodies and the awesome choice of instrumentation are some of the main reasons I love this man. His compositions for the game have been played by orchestras the world over. Though I feel he is often missed when it comes to exposés of the great video game composers. 

The song I have chosen closely resembles a song I wrote for the indie game, impermanence. It has the same ethereal, mysterious feel to it, making use of keys and vocals.

RIP Robin Williams

TO have heard that the legendary actor, comedian, and overall people person, Robin Williams, has passed away brings me a heavy heart. He was a true inspiration and much of my humour is based upon his work and manner. I viewed this man as a mentor in both life, and career. To know that he took his own life, reminds me of the sad fact that he may not have realised how much he was adored the world over. Goodbye, sir, you will be sorely missed. 

Sine of a Glitch EP influences: DUBSTEP BABY!

One of the influences on my Sine of a Glitch EP is Dubstep, however i’m referring predominantly to the inclusion of Dubstep in video game music, as it has a particularly more sophisticated feel over regular, repetitive Dubstep. Galaxy Collides by Ian Hicks from the “A Virus Named Tom” soundtrack is a good example of this, and a great song as well.

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