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RIP Robin Williams

TO have heard that the legendary actor, comedian, and overall people person, Robin Williams, has passed away brings me a heavy heart. He was a true inspiration and much of my humour is based upon his work and manner. I viewed this man as a mentor in both life, and career. To know that he took his own life, reminds me of the sad fact that he may not have realised how much he was adored the world over. Goodbye, sir, you will be sorely missed. 

Sine of a Glitch EP influences: DUBSTEP BABY!

One of the influences on my Sine of a Glitch EP is Dubstep, however i’m referring predominantly to the inclusion of Dubstep in video game music, as it has a particularly more sophisticated feel over regular, repetitive Dubstep. Galaxy Collides by Ian Hicks from the “A Virus Named Tom” soundtrack is a good example of this, and a great song as well.

Steam Trading Cards

When the Steam Trading Cards system was first releases, I was super happy, cause I love meta-games. and I took the time to look for and forge the badges of the games I was playing, but as time passed, I forgot about it and when the most recent Steam Summer Sale rolled around I decided to use them once more. But instead of crafting badges and increasing my team’s score, I sold them all. I purposefully went into games just to get card drops, and then sold them immediately. I’ve made about £2.50 thus far, and managed to nab myself the “Can’t stop laughing” pack that was on sale at the time. If I had partaken in the Steam summer adventure, I would never have gotten this, so I decided to use the system against itself. This is nothing new I’m sure, but It made me realise how silly and superficial the system is, even though there are no physical rewards, whereas acting as a trader of sorts, I managed to reap the benefits and buy a new game. I feel this is s sytem that more people should be aware of and should take advantage of. 

Live Music

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, but this year is an amazing year for concerts for me. I will be/have seen my biggest influences in music. 

4th July - British Summer Time Festival

This mini festival was hosted in Hyde Park, London, which has a notability for holding great musical events, The most famous being the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There were many different dates for this festival, but unlike traditional festivals, you pay for one day at a time, and you do not camp in the grounds. Each day is allocated a particular Genre, and on the 4th July, it was the Rock Day…obviously. 

The line up was Stellar: Soulfly, ho I had never listened to before, Motörhead who I had seen before (and loved),Faith No more (my reason for being there), Soundgarden (My girlfriends reason for being there) and Black Sabbath (who both of us had seen previously, at Download a few years ago).

Anyway, each band played a solid set, but Faith No more… oh. my. GOD. Their stage was lined with vases of colourful flowers, and they came on dressed in priest outfits. Hilarious. They played every big song in their repertoire, and some brand new ones as well! The crowd sang along to every one of their songs, especially “Easy” written by The Commodores. It was such a spiritual event for me. There he was. Mike Patton. In the flesh. I could not contain myself. It was just the best thing I had ever seen and heard. “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” being my favourite of their songs -and one of my all time favourites- was just amazing live. Ironically, I didn’t realise what it was at first, and Jess had to prompt me to realise. 
Not only were they on form musically, but they were funny. Referencing “The Exorcist” movie by flinging “holy” water at the crowd and repeating “The power of christ compels you” & “Your mother sucks cocks in Hell.”
Patton also made light of the irony that they were playing in the UK on 4th July, in his cocky, arrogant way. I expected no less. 

Unfortunately, I missed half of their encore cause I didn’t expect them to have one! Me and Jess had evacuated to the nearest meat stall. I saw them from afar and watched in awe. 

8th July - Extreme @ The Forum Kentish Town, London

Extreme have been my favourite band since I first heard them in 2009, when I first heard the song “Mutha (Don’t Wanna Go to School Today)”. It blew me away. Hearing Nuno Bettencourt’s ridiculous skills on the fretboard was both inspiring and daunting. "That’s what I want to be" I thought to myself. 

5 years later, I get the chance to finally see the band that continually challenge me to find a better amalgamation of Funk and Metal. I purchased a wrist band, and a t-shirt, both sporting the phrase “Get the Funk out”, Extreme’s first big hit here in the UK, unlike “More Than Words” that was their big song, pretty much everywhere else. Their support, Leogun, were a surprisingly goos act, and really got the crown prepared for the upcoming sweat-fest. 

Extreme came on at just past 9 O’clock and my GOD(Hey look, I can use italics & bold on the same word! :D) They were funking incredible. From start to finish, I was screaming my head off. They were performing their album “Pornograffitti” from start to finish, in order, and It was incredible. Chugging through so many catchy motifs and each band member taking their turn at wowing the crowd with their musical prowess. I have never been so happy at a gig. Me and Jess made a point of not giving a fuck about whatever or whoever was around us. Normally I would be considerate show-goer, but this time I was going all out. I’m definite that a few times, Gary, Pat and Nuno all looked me in the eye, and Gary even gave me  a big grin when I jumped up and sang with all my heart to “More than Words”. Their encore treated the crowd to a few of their other hits, like “Rest in Peace”, “Am I ever gonna Change” & (My personal favourite) “Cupid’s Dead. 

It was all over before long and Me & Jess were hobbling back to the tube & back to our house for the night. 

In November, I will also be seeing the “Distant Worlds” Concert, which I’m sure many of you will know is the orchestrated performance of Final Fantasy Music, conducted by Arnie Roth, with Nobuo Uematsu in attendance. I am STOKED.

Suffice to say that the gigs are just getting better and better, and unless Noriyuki Iwadare decides to do the same with his Grandia Soundtrack, I don’t see this next gig being topped at all. 

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