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Easter Holiday

During the easter holiday, I’ve been mostly catching up with my college work, now that my Mac is back up and running. I plan to release a track at SOME POINT, but right now I’m working on music for a game that I may be soundtracking. Yup, ol’ billsy here is actually composing for a game! It’s not announced yet and there’re no social media accounts for it, so I’m just gonna keep it under wraps, but it certainly looks awesome!

Aside from that, I’ve been making a tense, possible battle theme in 7/8 that I really like th sound of, so there’s that to look forward to. Today, on the other hand, will be spent probably just refining my Super Smash Bros skills. Awesome. 

If you remember about my TV medly, I will be getting back on that as soon as I cna, but I want to dedicate more time to this unannounced project, so that, once again, has taken a back seat. 

Have a good easter, y’all!

Well shit the bed…

Last night at around midnight, I was in bed, watching television. I go to turn the lamp off and OH MY SHIT I SPILLED DTYEA ON MY MAC. OH FUCKOHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK.

I’m taking it to the genius bar tomorrow to see what they have to say about my current dilemma. I dried my mac down and let it “drain”, and i tried it today and it turns on and stuff, though it is now whirring about 300X louder than usual. Also, I managed to backup my stuff last sunday, so I have a recent time machine, thank christ. 

This obviously means that any and all of my musical projects are on hold untill I either get a replacement mac or fix this one. God help me.

EGX Rezzed 2014

Yesterday was a really great day and quite eye-opening to the world of the video game industry. I knew someone there, who was showcasing his “Virtual Toy” (@lowpolyworld) so I wasn’t completely on my own, but I managed to get around and talk to a few developers and people about their games and setups. 

I hung mostly around the indie sections, because I find that independent developers have much more interesting and innovative ideas. I’m a huge fan of new, cool things, you see. Most of the people I spoke to wanted more SFX design than music, but I enjoy doing both, so hopefully I will get on that! 

Aside from my selfish promotion, I played a few bigger games.

Hotline Miami: Wrong Number is, well, awesome. It in no way advances on it’s predecessor aside form the story, but It was very fun nonetheless.

Aliens: Isolation made me shit my undies multiple times. The demo was pretty short, but what I did get to play was really fun and put the fear of god into me. I died a few time, and when I did, bricks were shat. The Xeno’s scream is possibly the most terrifying noise i have ever heard. Seriously, I was so scared I just froze up and didn’t move or anything, just peed myself and almost started crying.

OlliOlli was a fun little side-scrolling thingamajig. pretty cool.

Foul Play is a fun little side-scrolling brawler, which focusses more on combos than most others, which is cool. A nice direction.

All in all, I had a great day there, and will definitely be going to more game conventions when I can. That said, the 23 hours awake and 13 hours of coach travel was a pile wank.


Well, If you only follow me on here than you probably don’t know that I am off to EGX Rezzed on Saturday, having won a competition organised by the Aliens: Isolation team. 

I will be spending this week making pieces and an industry specific resume for the event, so I can meet with a few indie dev teams and see if they want any audio for any projects they might have on the go at this point. Even if that falls flat on it’s face, I’m still getting a great day out. 

I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait to play loads of new games, including Aliens: Isolation & Murdered: Soul Suspect. 

Eiyuze gig review

On a cool, breezy evening in the courtyard just outside the hidden gem of Jurnet’s Bar, Norwich. I stood, eagerly awaiting the time for Eiyuze to hit the stage. I have the pleasure of knowing Mr Richard Ringer AKA Eiyuze through a friend. The tight quarters made the gig even more friendly, especially with the fine selection of local ales. 

Rich, a talented song writer and fabulous guitarist, played set containing a few instrumentals, showcasing his raw ability and fantastic use of effects, and lots of them. The layers of delay & distortion gave Eiyuze a truly unique sound, especially with the use of an E-Bow. If I had to put a pin on it, I’d say imagine Muse, if they were around in the 80’s, then recruiting syd barratt, and had a massive obsession with U2. The progressive sounding synths and effects laden guitar really fleshed out the whole performance. I am often quite skeptical to local gigs and performances, but I knew that I’d enjoy this show due to my personal love of weird, atmospheric music.  Considering that the drums and synth were all pre-recorded, you can tell that a lot of thought and effort went into the composition in Eiyuze’s music. 

Mr Ringer made light conversation between songs and had a laugh with the crowd, truly making everyone immersed and intrigued. Considering the fact that this is his first gig in around 4 years, and his first ever solo gig, I can honestly say I was dazzled and impressed. I knew that Richard was talented due to my hearing him playing in more informal environs, but I had no idea of the talent behind this charming, cheeky smile. If you ever see the name “Eiyuze” on a noticeboard near you, and you enjoy progressive, 80’s sounding rock, check him out.

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